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Business discovery day

What is « JobToSee Job Discovery Day » ? It is an offer of service that enables to discover on the ground trades in company to see more clearly on the trades. There are 3 options: one hour, half a day or a full day of eight hours maximum of company presence with discontinuation. All offers are made by devoted professionals throughout the year and according to their availability in their activity. It is a matter of meeting passionate professionals, experts and citizens: a company manager, a web marketing manager, a computer scientist, a liberal nurse, a fireman, an engraver, a cook, a painter etc. Meeting, talking with professionals and asking them questions in their work environment during these days, half days or hours will provide answers concerning the preparation of your career guidance or career change.

So why use JobToSee?

  • Because JobToSee is the 1st and only web programme-based platform for « job discovery day », open to all (from 12 to 65 years old) with its geolocalized search engine and internal messaging;
  • Because JobToSee is the only social platform that compensates students with Master's degrees enrolling on the platform and accepting appointments, to help, advise parents and young people attending school
  • As JobToSee is the first and only programmatic web platform that allows students, apprentices, to discover jobs in other European countries.
  • For JobToSee is the 1st and only programmable web platform for the « job discovery day », open to all (from 12 to 65 years old) with its geolocalized search engine and internal messaging;

The trades of today and tomorrow.

Structurally, employment is increasing around highly skilled jobs, to the expense of medium-skilled trades. Technological changes and globalization are the main driving forces. In April 2015, the experts of the Dares (Directorate of the animation of research, studies and statistics) Published a report on « The trades in 2022 ». The main trends are always the same, always more executives and many positions in the services. Parents , for more information , read the report here .

And beyond 2022? Do we have to believe in these future jobs such as : HeroTicage, ImplanTicien, Shazameur, Fablibreur, Dronadaire, Biofilmeur, Bugteur, Ludosseur, Bonhteur, etc. ? These crafts, somewhat strange, already exist in the dictionary of the future . Even some of them are already implemented. We have to know that 60% of the current middle school pupils do not yet know which job they will choose in the future. As a result, middle school and high school students, students and apprentices must now take into account the parameters of the transformation and fast evolution of the trades. Adults are also forced to change and / or adapt quickly in their professional world. Start right now in the best ways by being a step ahead, being in action and discovering the trades on the ground.

JobToSee is the indispensable tool, upstream decision support of any career guidance or career change.

JobToSee parle des métiers de maintenant et de demain