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He is Luc

Students, high school students, college students discover JobToSee
He want to live on his passion and to work in the job by its choice. OK but how can it be done ? How to discover jobs on the ground ? How to meet professionals when we have no piston and a network. With only 29€ TTC and half a day, you will know about it a lot; -)


Students, high school students, college students discover JobToSee
Settled in your country close to your home of residence.
Undergraduate and master's degree students: meet and inform younger students and their parents. Help them and in return receive financial compensation. Easily get an additional income.

Take An appointment, watch and discuss
Ask as many questions as possible,
analyze the disadvantages,
the advantages of your project and above all
keep in touch for an upcoming internship, job.
Luc understood that from now on he can easily discover businesses in France in foreign countries and have a network at his fingertips.
Les étudiant(e)s, lycéen(ne)s, collégien(ne)s découvrent JobToSee

Be aware that more than half of the jobs are available via 'the network'. Now use JobToSee, create your own network of professionals, business leaders, craftsmen, SMEs ... It's up to you to play the right card there is no reason to miss out.