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Adult in re-orientation and / or inactive

Adult in career redirection and / or inactive. As it can be interesting to know for which job you are made for and rethink your professional positioning. Dare to leave your comfort zone and find out about the job you are dreaming of ! JobToSee suggests 3 immersion offers in the heart of a trade for adults in career redirection and / or inactive: one day, half a day or one hour. At the heart of the business, you will discover a know-how, the level of skills required, the conditions of practice of the trade. You can more easily identify the issues, resources and questions to ask yourself in respect to the project. You start by testing your project and confronting it with reality by identifying your assets, identifying the risks before an anticipated career change.


The Anact (National Association for the Improvement of Working Conditions) points out the importance of talking about one's work for the majority of the working people. Here are the three main themes: atmosphere, relationships, activities, organization, environment and difficulties. From now on, if you are considering a professional retraining, before you conduct your skill assessment , it is necessary to find out if the job corresponds to your values, your current life requirements ! To express your thoughts to the professionals during the meetings in company, to discuss what you wish to do and not to do, to talk over how people behave in this work environment, to help to understand it and understanding yourself is what you need to do.

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